gas cylinders free delivery in Kisumu

We pride ourselves for being the most efficient supplier of gas cylinders, cooking gas and gas accessories in Kisumu City. We stock a variety of top brands of gas cylinders including Total gas, K-gas, Mengas, Progas, Hashi and more. We do gas cylinder refill and also sell complete gas cylinder sets containing gas. Besides, we sell gas accessories such as gas cookers, gas burners, grills, hosepipes, clips and gas cylinder regulators.

Above all, we offer free delivery for our products to your home/premises anywhere in Kisumu and its environs. We can also help you with setting up the the gas cylinder, gas cooker/burner and other accessories to make ready for your cooking.


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Hesbon is the founder of Gas Delivery Kisumu. He is an investor who is passionate about bringing solutions to Kisumu residents with regard to their cooking gas needs.