Are you based in Kisumu or its environs and are looking to buy cooking gas, gas cylinder or gas accessories such gas cooker, gas burner, gas grills, gas regulator, hosepipe or clips? Search no more because we (Gas Delivery Kisumu) are at your disposal to deliver these products to your home, house, enterprise or organization.

Our support line (Call/SMS/WhatsApp): +254 726 436312


We save you from the hustle of having to go out to look for cooking gas: all you need to do is place an order with us and we’ll deliver it to your doorstep!


We offer cooking gas (and accessories) free delivery to your home or business, covering Kisumu City and its outskirts.


You can get the brand of cooking gas cylinder that suits your taste from us because we stock various known brands such as Total, Kgas, Progas, Mengas, Hashi etc; together with different brands of LPG accessories.


You pay for the product(s) when it has been delivered to you. This can either be by cash or M-pesa.

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